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Asia is Terra Incognita for Pascual, but when the CIA says the bill has come due for the protection they have been providing, he is off to Singapore to be the front man for an agency op to funnel cash through shell companies to fund unspecified activities. His local contact is Dexter Fang, an Indonesian-Chinese billionaire in bed with the spooks. Dexter’s right-hand woman is a Eurasian knockout whose looks are rivaled only by her cold efficiency; his Chinese chauffeur seems to know a lot about Dexter’s affairs. When the op is sabotaged by operatives who can only be from China, Dexter and company are off to the vast Indonesian archipelago to throw off pursuit. Before he makes it back to Singapore, Pascual will learn a lot about geography, big-power intrigue and betrayal.

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Simya available now!

Back in Barcelona after his misadventures on the shores of the Black Sea, Pascual is hoping he has outlived his usefulness to rival intelligence agencies. But they’re not done with him— the Russians want Nela, the hacker who is tying their cyberwarriors in knots, and she was last seen in the company of Pascual. When his wife Sara falls into a Russian trap, Pascual seems to have no choice but to betray Nela. Sara’s old connections in Marseille are Pascual’s last hope– with a couple of Corsican gangsters on his side Pascual thinks he just might be able to find a way out of the dilemma.

Order Simya through your favorite independent bookstore or from:
Amazon: Simya Paperback
Simya Kindle

Dominic Martell is the author of suspense novels featuring Pascual Rose, a reformed ex-terrorist trying to atone for his misdeeds and finding it hard to escape his past. Terrorism is a tough business to get out of, and Pascual’s past keeps coming back to bite him.

The first three books in the series were published in the late nineties. After a hiatus of nearly twenty years, Adam Dunn, publisher of Dunn Books  and Dominic Martell have resuscitated Pascual. The Cold War world of Pascual’s youth is gone, replaced by a chaotic international scene with new lines of force and vast amounts of money sloshing around a new technological landscape. And despite lying low for twenty years, Pascual finds that he is still in demand.

Dunn Books is releasing the three original Pascual novels in tandem with Pascual’s 21st century misadventures.

Lying Crying Dying  introduces Pascual Rose, a repentant ex-terrorist trying to go straight.


In The Republic of Night Pascual gets an offer he can’t refuse, to go to Paris to finger an old comrade with a sinister new identity.

In Gitana Pascual finds he is not the only one with secrets in his past.

Gitana-cover image

In Kill Chain Pascual is brought forcefully into the modern world.

Kill Chain cover image

In Blackchain, Pascual chases a cache of gold to the shores of the Black Sea.

Black Chain cover image

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