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Kill Chain

“Twenty years off the grid, and you thought you were safe.”

Pascual has been lying low in a provincial Catalan town with his wife and son, thinking he has finally put his past behind him, when a text message on his hacked phone delivers a brutal wake-up call. A man and a woman he has never seen before drop in for a midnight visit with an offer he can’t refuse. Uniquely valuable because of his dual identity, Pascual finds himself trapped in a money-laundering scheme involving a complex network of sovereign wealth, shell companies and cryptocurrencies, monitored by shadowy benefactors, Russian mafiosos, German intelligence, and a mysterious woman with a chilling warning: get out before it’s too late. Pascual races against time to uncover who or what is behind the operation that, once exposed, has the potential to take down entire governments and global markets.


Coming in 2021.

Black Chain cover image

Pascual is snared again, forced to aid shadowy agencies in recovering a hundred million dollars’ worth of stolen cash on a journey that will take him to the eastern Mediterranean and ultimately the shores of the Black Sea.

Lying Dying Crying cover image

Lying Crying Dying

Pascual Rose is a repentant ex-terrorist trying to make amends after defecting and selling out his former comrades in the European terrorist underground of the 1980’s. He is lying low in Barcelona when the only name he never gave up, the one woman he ever loved, reappears. She wants out now too, and she is on the run with a suitcase full of hijacked cash to start a new life somewhere far away– with Pascual. But nothing is what it seems, and when Pascual realizes that Katixa is lying to him, can the crying and the dying be far behind?

The Republic of Night

Hired by French intelligence to finger an old comrade who is now a global terrorism entrepreneur, Pascual finds himself entangled in Algerian factional warfare and the machinations of a faceless multi-national that acknowledges no borders or bounds.


The third book in Martell’s series about Pascual Rose, a repentant terrorist, finds him tending bar in a Barcelona tavern frequented by Gypsies. Pascual’s emotional involvement with Sara, an enigmatic flamenco singer with her own secrets to hide, is endangered when his past catches up to him once again in the person of a stranger who knows his name.